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  • Hours:

    Our Transfer Station is open to the public Monday through Friday 7:00AM - 3:00PM. Latest weigh-in is at 2:30.

    P: 610 759-8018 (Scalehouse only)

Transfer Station?

  • What is a Transfer Station?

    East Penn Sanitation, Inc is also a Pennsylvania DEP permitted transfer station open to the public for easy and convenient trash disposal. PA DEP Permit #101358.

    Key Transfer Station Services:

    • A convenient and affordable place to dispose of various wastes
    • Recycling of assorted materials available
    • Dumping area is inside and under-roof for easy in and out. No landfill mess!
    • Paved roads to minimize dirt and dust on your vehicle
    • Reasonable rates
    • Personal safety equipment for sale on site

  • Transfer Station Guidelines

    Safety is important to all of us. When visiting and making use of the East Penn Transfer Station, please follow the following guidelines below:

    • Personal Protective Equipment is required for everyone unloading in the Transfer Station.
    • High visibility clothing (orange, green safety vests, shirts, etc) must be worn
    • Proper footwear (hard soled boots or shoes) is required
    • Wearing a hard hat is required in the Transfer Station.East Penn Sanitation Safety
    • Safety glasses/goggles are to be worn in the Transfer Station area.

  • Rules of the Road:

    • Site speed limit is 5 mph. Obey all posted safety and traffic signs.
    • Follow a left handed traffic pattern.
    • Stop at all stop signs. Heavy Equipment has the right of way.
    • Pay particular attention to the incoming scale.
    • There are radiation detectors in place. If they are triggered, you must stop immediately. The scaleperson will direct you.


    • No one under 16 years old is permitted in the Transfer Station.
    • No one is permitted outside of the vehicle in the active Transfer Area.
    • Any and all accidents must be reported to the Supervisor immediately and an incident report must be completed.
    • Reckless/negligent behavior shall be the cause for banning from the site.
    • Radio, tape or CD headphones are prohibited from being worn on the site. Use of cell phones in the active Transfer Station area is prohibited.
    • All customers must adhere to EPS personnel requests pertaining to safety, dumping, weighing, returning to vehicles, etc.
    • Customers triggering the radiation monitoring devices will be charged with the expense.
    • Telephones and 2 way radios are available throughout the site. Familiarize yourselves with their locations. Contact the office should immediate attention be necessary: (610)759-6398
    • All incoming vehicles must abide by emergency instructions given by EPS representative.
    • No roadway may be blocked with any vehicle or material that would interfere with the passage of emergency vehicles.
    • Stay with your vehicle at all times.

The following materials are not permitted for disposal at the transfer station: "Tires, batteries, electronics , liquids, paints, varnishes, flammables/combustibles, sludges, asbestos or fuel contaminated wastes (unless pre-approved), unidentified wastes or drums. THE CUSTOMER WILL BE WHOLLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL DAMAGE AND OR FINES INCURRRED BY THESE MATERIALS DUMPED AT THIS FACILITY. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!